Meaning: tooth

Represented in 154 languages with 6 cognate sets.

Illustrative Context

You can break a tooth if you bite on hard food.

Target Sense

  • The default, most basic and most frequent term for a human tooth.
  • Avoid terms for specific types of tooth, e.g. incisor, molar, fang, etc., and technical, medical terms.
  • Use the generic term for all such types of (human) teeth. In languages that have no such generic term, but always distinguish front from back teeth (e.g. Basque), or incisors from molars, and so on, then select the most basic lexeme, usually the one for the frontmost teeth.

Cognate sets for meaning: tooth

Id <span style="white-space:nowrap;">IE-CoR ref. form&nbsp;</span> <span style="white-space:nowrap;">IE-CoR ref. lang.&nbsp;</span> # clades # lexemes loan? pll loan? pll deriv.? ideoph.? loan src lang. src lex cogset. Details

Lexeme Details

Language Lexeme Phonetic Phonemic Cognate set loan? pll loan? Source lang